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Creamy and delicious - somehow so much more luxurious than other ghee brands I have tried. I’m a "slather-it-on-sourdough-with-a-sprinkle-of-salt" kind of girl!

P. Blair

I had never used ghee, but after trying Vresh' ghee, I would never go back to using anything else. I worry less about getting the pan too hot and the flavour is so much better.

Linda D.

Honestly, the Challas is amazing on everything, and I mean everything - from meatball subs to mini donuts, I’ve tried it all. It’s just kicks every meal up a notch

Pippa B.




Gwyn A.

I am of Indian origin and have tasted many ghees in my life. OG GHEE took me back to my childhood! I want to put it on and in everything from toasted sourdough to sambhar. You just can't find this quality ghee anywhere else. I'm so happy to have found this!

Yasmeen P.

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Oh Em GHEE Becky, how do I even use this stuff?

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We commit to sourcing Canadian ingredients wherever possible.