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Pickled Challas

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If you don’t relish pickles, it’s no big dill, our Challas might just turn you around!

Challas (chull-us) is a traditional onion salad from Kerala, the gorgeous backwater province in South Western India. Originally made with onions, green chili and cilantro, it is served as a fresh accompaniment to robust meat dishes. 

We decided to spin it our way, and pickle it in a steeped vinegar tea! Pickled Challas comes at you hard with HOT, SWEET and SOUR flavour profiles.


Challas is excellent on sandwiches and serves as a perfect complement to fatty and meaty flavours. It also brings a huge PUNCH to salads, and bowls, sandwiches and frozen pizzas!

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Red onions, vinegar, beets, hot peppers, salt, spices