Ghee FAQ

What is ghee?

Ghee is a clarified, caramelized, and non-perishable form of butter. It was introduced to the world through India. It was born due to a need to preserve butter in a tropical climate. Boiling, caramelizing and straining the milk solids help remove water from the butter, thereby increasing its shelf life.

How do I store my Ghee?

Store ghee in a refrigerator. It should last up to a year if clean, dry utensils are used!

Can I replace Ghee for Butter in my baking recipes?

ABSOLUT-GHEE! Ghee is however a little higher in fat content, so it is recommended that you use approx 3/4 the quantity of butter prescribed in the recipe. Check out more recipes on our blog.


Shop FAQ

When will my product be ready for pick-up?

You will get an email notification when your product is ready for pick-up, along with the time window for pick-up. Please note that some of our pick-up locations are hosted by volunteers - your kindness, patience and courtesy is appreciated. 

Free shipping?

100% - If you order more than $100 worth of products, delivery is included.

How do I use the products purchased through the store?

Recommendations and recipes will be uploaded onto my Blog. Further recipes will be available through my Instagram page.

Why do I have a charge from King Cobra Group Inc.?

Our corporation’s registered name is King Cobra Group Inc.